April 2017 Construction to Resume – Trail to Remain Closed to July

With above zero temperatures now the norm, construction crews will be returning to the work site on the Lower Don Trail next week. To facilitate the construction traffic in a safe manner, the section of trail between Pottery Road and Riverdale Park Bridge will remain closed until July 2017.

For trail users looking to connect to the trail north or south of the closure, the recommended detour remains via Broadview Avenue (view detour map).

We apologize for this extreme ongoing inconvenience, but unfortunately the contractors and City project team were previously overly optimistic with the date for re-opening the trail in the spring.  City staff have pressed for the trail to be reopened as soon as possible, but with public safety concerns on site, July remains the projected date for reopening.

Belleville Rail Underpass tunnel

Belleville Rail Underpass tunnel in progress

On the positive side, major works have been accomplished, such as the installation of the trail bridge at Pottery Road, and more recently the main concrete work for the Belleville Rail Underpass tunnel.

The next tasks will include large amounts of soil movement for grading and drainage works.  After this, crews will be planting, repairing sections of trail, paving, top soil placement, grading and seeding.

The City is also looking forward to required works by Metrolinx related to their rail crossing, to allow for the connection of the trail across the new Pottery Road bridge to the new Bayview multi-use trail to Rosedale Valley Road.

We can’t wait to post an update this summer celebrating the opening of this much improved section of the Toronto’s fantastic ravine trail network.  Thank you again for your patience.

Learn more about the Lower Don Trail Improvements at toronto.ca/lowerdon


151 thoughts on “April 2017 Construction to Resume – Trail to Remain Closed to July

  1. I travel past there every day. There HAS been work at the trailhead….though not what I would say is at a very fast pace. It appears the biggest challenge to opening at Pottery Road is a lack of any commitment from Metrolinks to provide a safe train barrier. My MPP, Peter Tabuns stopped by the other day…must be an election coming, and all but said that there is nothing to be done with Metrolinks, they are and entitiy onto themselves.


    • A safe train barrier. For those people that are riding the trail that are deaf and blind, probably. Why not just hire the contractors to stand there 24/7 with a red flag in hand? Apparently their rate is $3m per year.


  2. Was the previous tunnel, not just a metal culvert? Is it possible that the engineers had deemed the entire ‘structure’ past the end of its life cycle?


  3. “ever heard of a 3d printer? if you can draw it, you can make it”

    LOL True enough. I’m talking about back in the 80s when CAD/CAM was in its infancy. Working with conventional machine tools has limitations. Some people thought we could wave a magic wand and broken tooling or equipment would miraculously be fixed.


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