Pottery Rd. Reopened Sunday after New Trail Bridge Installed Ahead of Schedule

Pottery Road is open again to vehicles and pedestrians ahead of schedule following the successful installation of the new trail bridge on Saturday.


Thanks to some professional crane operators, great project team work, and follow through on commitments by Mother Nature, the new pedestrian-cycling bridge is now in place and the weekend construction area closures have been removed.  Thank you, trail users and motorists, for your patience.
Trail users can again connect to the Lower Don Trail north of Pottery Road to Beechwood and also to the trails in Crothers Woods.  Sorry, but the Lower Don Trail, south of Pottery Road, will remain closed in to late fall for the challenging construction of the Belleville Underpass.
The new Pottery Road bridge itself will not be open until connecting pathways are completed – stay tuned to this blog!
The new bridge will connect the Lower Don Trail to the new Bayview Multi-use trail, separated from the roadway with a guide rail, now under construction (see drawings on panel #12 under Phase 1 Construction on the project web page)
We hope you all have a delightful Sunday!

22 thoughts on “Pottery Rd. Reopened Sunday after New Trail Bridge Installed Ahead of Schedule

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  2. This is great news! I can’t tell from the photos or the official plan how this works – does the trail path run UNDER the bridge (and the bridge would be for vehicles), or is the bridge for pedestrians/cyclists and runs OVER the vehicle road?


    • Oh wait, nevermind, I get it. The bridge runs along Pottery Road. It DOES NOT replace the north-south “Look both ways/Mind the gap” median crossing that runs ACROSS Pottery Road.


    • Thanks for your question. The new trail path/bridge shown in the photos runs parallel to the Pottery Road automobile bridge, on the south side. It will connect the Lower Don Trail to a short new trail running to Bayview Avenue, which will then connect to the new Bayview Multi-Use Trail now being constructed on the east side of Bayview. This two-lane multi-use trail will be separated from car traffic on Bayview with a guide rail. It will allow cycle and pedestrian access to the Brick Works, for example, without having to go on the road. The guide rail design has been approved by TRCA as the lower areas are prone to flooding and any roadside structures must allow water to pass through. You can read an overview of the Lower Don Master Plan, including these connections, at toronto.ca/lowerdon (flip through the panels).
      -Doug Bennet, Parks, Forestry and Recreation


  3. Good news. But … I don’t understand why the Don Valley cycling trail has been closed for so long. This is the high use time of year! Most work seems like it could have been done without a large scale closure. Not referring to the bridge but the other work ongoing. Fall is in a week or so, so when will the trail be open officially?


  4. Can’t wait for the Bayview Multi-Use trail to be completed so I can bike trails the whole way to work from Scarborough – Taylor Creek Trail to the new Bayview Path to Rosedale Valley to Yonge & Bloor. Great work!


  5. The new multi-use trail on Bayview Avenue is great – and much anticipated from all of the organisations that take youth on the trails in and around the Brick Works site. Thank you!
    As a cyclist though, I have noticed one street lamp is right in the middle of the NorthBound lane of the multi-use path (just where the curb starts, by the right hand turning lane for Pottery Road). Surely the green mid-line needs shifting West a little to help cyclists to avoid this – especially at night!
    Also, the surface just South of this, above the culvert, has been broken up by machinery. I hate to complain about this fantastic trail – but I don’t want these things to go un-checked before the workers have left, and we have to deal with a ‘good – but not quite great’ piece of infrastructure… I have photos – if this needs clarifying please contact me.
    Congratulations on all the hard work that has gone into this trail – it will improve access into the ravines for thousands!


  6. Since it’s closed, any chance the trail will be resurfaced or other updates? Would help make up for the long closure if it was shiny when it finally reopened. (And ensure it doesn’t need to be closed in the next few years.)


    • Wonderful video about the new bridge installation, and AHEAD OF SCHEDULE I might add!!! BRAVO

      That must mean that hundreds of folks are using it daily since late August? Or do you estimate the daily use number is much higher? I am confident the good news answer to this question will help offset the disappointing news about the Lower Don, of late.


      • The only reason this occurred on time is because of the impact to vehicular traffic on Pottery Road.
        Mr. Diceman writes about a Phase 2 to the Don Valley project, which are the improvements to the trail south of the Riverdale bridge, that are coming soon and will no doubt see the trail closed until sometime in 2018 if not 2019. Trying to sell these updates as good news stories is trying to make mugs out of the people who use the trail. Years have gone by with no improvements to the path – except for yellow, then orange, then pink spray paint and reductions in speed down to 15 k for the numerous pitfalls. I don’t recall the Belleville underpass, which appears to be holding up the current project, as a major sore spot. There’s plenty of other sections that need repair in the nature of general maintenance work that haven’t been touched, like the section just north of the Toronto Police Services dog unit that has been a rough ride for ages or the section just south of there that has been repeatedly “repaired” without actually getting it right. Just like road work the trail/bicycle network needs regular maintenance, which I haven’t seen. What these shiny big projects actually contribute to the trail/bicycling experience is negligible. For example Pottery Road is a 40k zone. With this speed limit actually enforced, there should be no issue with cycle traffic merging onto the road to access the Bayview trail or for walkers to get cars to stop (imagine that on a Sunday afternoon) to allow them to cross (I note there’s no talk of putting in a crosswalk here to facilitate cross-over). Why was a bridge a priority at this point? I’ve been riding/walking the city paths and streets for 30+ years. The last 6 years have seen constant disruptions to the paths and a lot of superficial improvements that to my mind just haven’t benefited the riding/walking experience. I’d like to be as upbeat as Mr. Diceman but I’d be kidding myself. I understand that in the Don as with the Humber a lot of the work is required to reduce the impact of rising waters although I don’t believe that’s the case with these repairs.


        • The Bayview trail between Pottery Road and Rosedale Valley Road is now open. There’s some work to be done still, but it is open and useable. [removed text]


      • I would sincerely like to apologise to readers of this blog. My enthusiasm in a previously posted blog praised the unquestioned volume (100’s of users, if not more) of happy users of the Pottery Road Bridge.
        That was entirely wrong, and I apologize for having allowed myself for having been mislead by the August/2016 blog implications, caption and the picture of the Pottery Road Bridge.

        More than two months after the installation of the pedestrian bridge the number of users is ZERO.
        You read that correctly. Zilch, zippo, nada, rien.

        I feel terrible if anyone ventured down into the Don Valley because of my enthusiasm, thinking they could get across the pedestrian bridge.

        The reality is: THE POTTERY ROAD PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE IS NOT OPEN. (I guess its a good thing the Belleville work is located 4 kilometers away and cannot be cited as an excuse for the Pottery Road situation, right?)


  7. Any news regarding the Bellville underpass?

    The new bridge at Pottery Road looks great! What is the new bridge just south of the Bloor St viaduct (also looks great but don’t know if it is mean for public use).

    Thanks for all the updates!



  8. Curious
    Four months ago (September 2016)The Pottery Bridge was installed (which is great).
    Why is the paying public not able to use it, as we approach February 2017?
    [Please remember, the Belleville Underpass is 4 kilometers away and certainly cannot be cited as a reason….just push the Lower Don Trail barriers south 25 feet]

    Please, no “alternative facts”; it is totally ok to say “there isn’t any reasonable reason, it is just the way it is” I believe that would be truthful and would help with public relations.


    • Hi Jim,

      I’ll try not give any “alternative facts”.
      The Pottery Bridge is tremendous. The best bridge. Everyone says it’s a great bridge.
      …ok to be serious…
      The City is waiting on Metrolinx to build the trail across their rails that directly leads to the bridge. Without a proper rail crossing, we are not opening the bridge. I know this is frustrating and we continue to encourage Metrolinx to build this rail crossing as soon as possible, i.e. for this spring.

      Have good weekend.


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