Pottery Rd. & Trail Closures August 27-28 for New Trail Bridge (more details)

[Update August 28: Pottery Rd. Reopened Sunday after New Trail Bridge Installed Ahead of Schedule]

This weekend, Pottery Road is closed and the Lower Don Trail is closed to and from Pottery Road going north and south.  That means no trail access south of Beechwood Drive/Don Mills through to Riverdale Park. Please avoid this area.

Access from the trails in Crothers Woods to and from Pottery Road will also be closed. 

See map and more details below…Aug 27 2016 Pottery Closures

The good news:

The Pottery Road new pedestrian/cycling bridge is being placed the weekend of August 27-28! It will connect the new Bayview Avenue multi-use trail, now under construction, to the Lower Don Trail as part of Lower Don Trail improvements.


The bad news:

Bridge installation requires the following closures the weekend of Aug. 27-28:


Pottery Road:

Pottery Road between Bayview Avenue and Broadview Avenue will be closed to all through traffic the weekend of August 27-28, beginning 6 a.m. Saturday. Local access only to Fantasy Farms and Todmorden Mills will be maintained from Broadview Avenue.

Cyclists coming down Pottery Road from Broadview will not be able to connect to the Lower Don Trail. Same goes for pedestrians, skateboarders, incline skates, and uni-cyclists. Sorry.


Lower Don Trail, north of Pottery Road:

The trail will be closed south of Beechwood Drive/Don Mills. Any trail user arriving at Pottery Road will be turned back up the trail. There is no exit during construction.


Lower Don Trail, south of Pottery Road:

This portion of the trail is already closed, from Pottery to Riverdale Park, for continuing work on the new Belleville Underpass tunnel.


Crothers Woods Trail, north of Pottery Road:

The trail will be closed at the top of the hill leading down to Pottery Road. Any trail users arriving at Pottery Road will be turned back up the trail. There is no exit during construction.


The Worse News:

Unfortunately the closure on Lower Don Trail, south of Pottery Road, will be extended in to late fall.  The complications in constructing the Belleville Underpass tunnel continue to be a serious challenge for our construction contractors.  I know, this is really  frustrating and annoying.

As a positive distraction,  try the new Bloor Street bike lanes, which we just installed!   Ya! Let’s just talk about Bloor, right?   (sigh)

16 thoughts on “Pottery Rd. & Trail Closures August 27-28 for New Trail Bridge (more details)

  1. This is really disappointing. From minimal to no closures as originally promised to what will most likely be 6 months. I have used that south trail almost daily for 20 years and this has had a huge impact on me. If this Belleville Underpass problem is to accommodate what Metrolinx wants then as a gesture of good will they should pay to have the south trail plowed all winter …. which is when it seems we may finally be able to use it again. Please pass that request along to them. The hundreds of us who use that trail daily deserve better.

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  2. Are you serious? You originally stated this would take until mid-summer, then late summer and now you’re saying mid-fall. And I have no reason to believe you, because you’ve been wrong twice in the last three months.

    I rely on the Don Trail to bike to work. The alternate route you’ve proposed is not just inconvenient, it’s dangerous for cyclists. Pottery Road in particular is a steep, narrow, blind road that is a nightmare for mixed mode traffic. I’ve given up on cycling this summer. What is the point to making improvements on the trail if you sufficiently discourage the people who use it regularly?

    Can you give us more details on how residents can hold the City to the promise that the contractors hit the mid-fall timeline?


  3. I’m pleased to see that work is being done on the trails. I’ve been down in the area and seen the crews at work, lovely thing. But it has been taking a lot of time, it’s really been an impact on the ability to use the public space.


  4. After the bridge work is completed is there any timeline for it to be opened? Or will users have to wait until the entire Bayview project is completed?


  5. Saw that one coming. There are no good alternatives. This is forcing me and a lot of cyclist on to the Bayview extension, someone is going to get hit, I’ve had a few close calls already! Another great planning job by the city.


  6. This really is a VERY poorly executed project. We were initially told there would be only minimal closures, then a closure for a month or so and then … and then ….

    This is a very important link in our network of trails and it is VERY unfortunate that the planning and execution have been so TOTALLY screwed up. If the City were a business someone would be fired but ….

    I too am now expecting a spring 2017 opening. Grrrrrr


  7. It’s now October & blog updates are outdated.
    The path & detour are used significantly more than the city realises.
    Riding north on the Bayview extension is extremely dangerous because it’s impossible for cars to pass a cyclist at River the way it’s setup.
    I encourage a city manager to cycle the detour one morning rush hour – one that lives in the city. The new bike lane is great. Hopefully it’s extended to the bottom of Bayview.


    • Hi Shaun
      The recommended detour to avoid the Lower Don Trail closure is via Broadview Ave. map of detour
      The Bayview multi-use trail is not yet complete. The City is looking into the possibility of extending the Bayview trail further south, but it won’t be soon. Some narrow sections with retaining walls make it very challenging, requiring extensive study to approve a feasible design.

      Again, sorry for the extended inconvenience.


      • On Monday evening (October 17th) a large orange sign at the Pottery Road end of the Don Valley bike trail indicated that the trail was ‘open’. I suspected that this was someone’s idea of a joke (or a commentary), but by 8 am the next morning the sign was over-painted as ‘closed’. [removed text] …what is going on (if anything) at the one site that is holding up the re-opening of the path – the Belleville site. I would encourage Mr. Diceman, who is getting the flak for these delays, to take a walk down the path to see what is going on (or not), have a talk with the person who is managing this project (badly in my view), and give us some straight answers about the nature of the delay, when the problems might be solved, and how long this is really going to take.

        I note on the original map of the trail improvements the dotted red line indicated ‘intermittent trail closures’ south of Pottery Road. If this is an intermittent trail closure I wonder how long an extended closure would be.


  8. So no updates on the re-opening of the Lower Don Trail. Bayview is really dicey for most cyclists south of River Street. Climbing the stairs with a loaded bike is not a solution! Please up date with a progress report.


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