Do Not Enter Construction Zone, please

A serious and important update:


20160609_111703_resized_1Contractors have alerted the City that cyclists and joggers are still trying to navigate their way through the active construction zone.  They will be rerouted back.  The construction zone has very heavy equipment with limited visibility; including large caisson drilling cranes, concrete trucks, soil trucks.  This is a major infrastructure component and the construction zone needs to be secure for everyone’s safety.

Please respect the barriers and take the detour routes so this project can be completed ASAP.  Police presence will enforce these closures.

Thanks to all the cyclists and joggers for your cooperation and again, we apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to completing this project and opening an improved trail experience for you soon.

See new recommended detours in previous blog post.

20 thoughts on “Do Not Enter Construction Zone, please

    • Yes, the new underpass is going to be wicked strong: 26 reinforced caissons to support rail traffic.
      FYI the Belleville rail line is not decommissioned, but is currently inactive. Metrolinx would like to have the opportunity to use the line in the future if needed. When? You’ll have to ask Metrolinx.

      Have a great day!


  1. The trail detour needs to have better signage. When I was cycling up that big hill on pottery hill, wasn’t sure exactly where to go.. I do now, but not while I was there in the moment


  2. JD – You’ve heard it from others but it is extremely bad planning on the City’s behalf when the detour route for bikers on Broadview is also under construction and frankly not bike safe given the extremely rough road conditions. I can only think that insufficient thought was given to bikers and this mindset at City Hall simply has to change. I’m very pleased the bike path is being upgraded but the summer season is precious and unfortunately it has been tainted this year by lack of foresight.


  3. I’m waiting for a formal update from the construction team, but last I heard, there may be some delays caused by technical challenges. I hope to provide more details and an updated schedule very soon.
    Sorry for the continued frustration.


  4. The frustration of the regular users of the Don Valley trail and the poor compliance with the trail closure signs is in large part due to the on again/off again nature of construction activity (or lack of it). For example, the trail remains ‘closed’ even on weekends when there is no construction activity. This will only get worse now that the signs tell us that the project will not be completed until ‘Fall, 2016’.
    I do have a suggestion that might go a long way to address this frustration. The Pottery Road construction area is fenced off and does not interfere with the trail. South of Pottery Road, between where the construction vehicles enter and the Bloor Viaduct, the path is separated from a road running parallel to it, so there should be no conflict between movement of construction vehicles and walkers/riders. Just north of the Bloor Viaduct there is a side trail that goes west of the bridge support and bypasses the construction area under the Bloor Viaduct. That would be suitable as a detour for riders and walkers, and avoid the construction area and any construction vehicles.
    That leaves the section of trail south of the Bloor Viaduct as far as the culvert under the old railway tracks. The construction area at the culvert is well fenced off from the trail, and all construction appears to be taking place within that fenced area. Except for the period when the new trail will be joined to the present trail south of the culvert, travel on the old trail should not be affected. There is the problem of construction equipment moving between the Bloor Viaduct and the culvert site. That could be solved by the same approach as was taken a couple of years ago during the extensive repair of the embankment north of Pottery Road. Temporary fencing was erected allowing passage of riders/walkers on the shoulder of the pathway, but effectively separating them from any construction vehicles moving up or down the trail. That was a satisfactory solution for that site, and I believe something similar could work for the trail between the Bloor Viaduct and the culvert.
    Some sensible approach such as this seems to me much superior to bigger and better barriers or threats of policing, partcularly if the construction period is to extend for several additional months. I believe that it also would greatly improve understanding and compliance for the periods when the trail actually had to be closed. I would be interested in your response.


      • whether construction ativity is taking palce or not, there is liability. the trail is under construction, so its a safety issue, whether or not the machines are being used on the weekend.


    • Here is the response from the project team:

      Thank you for this suggestion and your well thought through discussion.

      The existing paved trail is not safe based on potential for construction vehicle conflicts for much of the distance south of Pottery Road to the Belleville site at this stage of construction. Additonally, we did consider this detour route, but this alternate natural surface route leads over the rail line, and through low elevation areas at flood risk, and unfortunately, because of these and other reasons, is not one that the City can advocate as an appropriate cycling detour option.

      Also note, construction traffic will be increasing next week.

      Thanks again for your patience while we improve the trail so that next year your experience will be much improved.


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