Alternate Detour to Avoid Broadview

[Update: Broadview Avenue roadway construction is
now substantially complete and all lanes are now open]

Hi all.  Here are two cycling routes to avoid some or all of the roadway construction area on Broadview Ave between Danforth Ave and Pottery Rd. (On foot, you can just walk on the sidewalk using the main Broadview Ave detour)

See map below followed by text description.

Lower Don Trail alt detour1

Southbound: Turn right and climb up Pottery Rd on the right side trail. Catch your breath and curse about City construction. Continue through to Mortimer Ave, then quick right south (one-way) on Jackman Ave to Danforth Ave.  Turn right on Danforth Ave, westbound to Broadview Ave where you turn left, southbound. Continue on Broadview untill you see the St. Mathew’s Clubhouse at the south end of Riverdale Park East, turn right onto the the trail/driveway that connects to Riverdale Bridge. On the bridge you can go down the stairs in the middle of the bridge to reconnect with the Lower Don Trail (there are troughs for wheeling your bike on the stairs – sorry no ramps, yet!). High fives, you made it!

Northbound: At Riverdale Bridge, go up the stairs (there are troughs for wheeling your bike on the stairs – sorry no ramps, yet!).  Go right, eastbound up the trail to Broadview Ave where you turn left northbound. Continue to Danforth Ave, where you make a left and then a quick first right at Cambridge Ave, (before Bloor Viaduct bridge).  Be careful of southbound traffic at the narrowed entry to Cambridge ave, and also appreciate the planted bump-out, how nice.   Continue north on Cambridge Ave to the end, turn right on Chester Hill Rd (one-way) and then left back on to Broadview Ave (sorry construction area, you may want to walk your bike or take the whole lane with caution). At Potter Rd, enjoy the winding downhill shared lane (you may want to wait until there is less traffic behind you).  After passing under the DVP, turn right back on to the Lower Don Trail northbound, and Bob is your uncle.

And remember to say something nice to construction crews working hard to make Lower Don Trail safer for generations to come.

Be safe out there, and enjoy the sunshine.

8 thoughts on “Alternate Detour to Avoid Broadview

  1. We came south on the Broadciew route just now and when we got to the bridge at Riverdale, discovered the fence is open on the trail going north from River. All kinds of people are riding north and south on the trail today!


  2. Sorry to shout, but THE TRAIL IS CLOSED!

    Do not trespass past the fences into the construction zone.

    Obey the advisory signs.

    For your own safety, do not enter!

    Just because someone else passed through does not make it okay.

    There are serious hazards in the area at all hours.

    The trail will be open again soon enough, so please have patience, and for your own health, do not enter the work zone north of Riverdale Bridge and South of Pottery Road.

    Pass it on.


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  4. You could use the rough trail on the west side of the river. it’s probably overgrown with dog strangling vine by now, and you might get deer ticks or run into the “campers” who live on the flats. There is also the Go Train part at the river bend to move alongside. Incredibly wild part of downtown and the views of the viaduct are some of the best.


  5. Mr Diceman, the construction on Broadview is now (July 6th) essentially complete, and it has been repaved from O’Connor at the top down to Danforth. It is now suitable for riding. They are just finishing up some of the minor pavement markings at this point. As a result you may wish to update the article title to reflect this. As for the progress on the new pedestrian-bike bridge that will parallel Pottery Road, your chosen contractors appear to have finally done the concrete pour for the foundations, as they were shipping out the forms this morning. It’s nice to finally see some progress on that section, as it has been little more than a site trailer and fencing since last fall. Is the mid-July reopening of the Belleville underpass still on schedule?


    • Thanks for pointing this out. I have updated this posting noting: Broadview Avenue roadway construction is now substantially complete and all lanes are now open.

      I’m waiting for the latest news on the underpass construction and trail closure timing.


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