Spring is Here and The Trail Remains Open

Lower Don Trail Improvements construction work is continuing. While there have been some delays for unexpected required utility work, the new pedestrian and cycling bridge installation, rail underpass replacement, and other upgrades, are expected to be completed by the end of the summer 2016.

The trail will continue to remain open for your use and enjoyment until further notice.

Please take precaution in and around the work areas.

4 thoughts on “Spring is Here and The Trail Remains Open

  1. When will that part of the trail that runs eastward from Cherry Street, along the south end of the Pan Am village be reopened? It’s been closed for over 5 years.


  2. Hi Deborah. That eastward section of trail is being reconstructed as part of the West Don Lands Stormwater Treatment Facility project.
    The aim is to have all of the work, including the trail completed and open to the public, in early 2018. For more information about that project, contact info@waterfrontoronto.ca


  3. Hi David,
    The Bayview multi-use trail (Pottery to Rosedale Valley Rd) is being constructed as part of Bayview Avenue Rd resurfacing work over the summer 2016. Expect to ride it this fall.

    More information about that trail connection can be seen at http://toronto.ca/lowerdon
    See panel #12 under “Update – September 14, 2015: Phase 1 Construction”

    See you on the trails!


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