Construction Starting in September. Expect Trail Closures

Starting in late September 2015, the City will need to close  the Lower Don Trail between Pottery Road and Riverdale Park East & West for weeks at a time.

Further details coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “Construction Starting in September. Expect Trail Closures

  1. Hello!

    There needs to be more signage at the east side of the Don Roadway crossing indicating the path is closed after the bridge on the west side. this is not on your map, nor was there any indication of a closure last night while i was riding home. You can see photos of what i’m talking about at the City of Toronto Cyling Facebook page, or send me an email i can use to send you the pics.

    i was 15 minutes late to work this morning because of the backtracking, long light cycles at the Don and Lakeshore, and there are construction crews blocking the detour down Villiers.

    this was not well thought out. thank you.

    Paul Farnan


    • Hi Paul

      Sorry to hear about your frustrations.

      The temporary trail closure you are refering to is south of work area and part of an unrelated project: The Don River & Central Waterfront Wet Weather Flow System project, which will be do many works over the next 25 years to improve water quality in the Don River and along the Central Waterfront. The trail in this section should be reopend within the week.

      My appologies that we did have any notice about that closure on this blog, which could have been helpful. I’ll make do my best to incorporate links and information about other local projects on this blog going forward.

      I have forwarded your concerns about the placement of detour signage to approriate staff.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


      Jason Diceman


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